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Who should register?

  • Those who have attended at least one of the training camps held in Ozu, Japan.
  • Those who have taught Iwata sensei’s lineage at least for three years, and unambigously are his students, such as Deshi, Mago Deshi, etc..
  • Those who achieved at least SHNK Jokyu rank.
  • Exceptionally, those who receive permission from the current Bucho of SHNK to apply for registration.

Why are these restrictions for registration?

  • The complexity and interpretation of these levels and techniques have to be approached by the above criteria. Without having those personal experiences, the information provided on these pages can be misinterpreted, and might lead to the distortion of techniques.
  • The information provided on these pages were collected and fomatted by many volunteers, who invested several person-years effort to create it. We’d like to help those with this service, who really devoted themselves to this tradition.
  • It is not enough to know it in theory, it has to be experienced in our body, which requires life-long practice with an authentic teacher.