This is like mae. Start with the right foot, take 5 steps. On the 4th draw the sword, shidachi cuts to the knee on 5, uchidachi blocks. Shidachi draws up the aft foot and threatens, steps forward with the right and cuts men. Keep the tip in the centre. Kiai: yaaaaa ei!

To! Uchidachi draws back the right foot next to the left en goes to seigan, then steps back with the left foot and blocks (open block=hands to the left, tip points right). Both step back, starting with the aft foot, 7 steps ending with the right foot forward, yoko chiburi and noto (simulated using the left hand as koiguchi – putting it through the belt is not rrequired), left foot moves next to right.

5 forward, 7 back, 3 forward, 5 back, the idea is that the steps back are smaller, and that you get back to the original spot. Don’t get hung up on counting the steps.

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