Tsuki kage
  1. Turn left and sit in a 10° to 90° angle. {the usual is 30°}.

  2. Hold the tsuka and slowly and with concentration, turn to face the opponent with your eyes and head.

  3. Move the tsuka to the right as you look at your opponent approaching from shyomen.

  4. Begin to draw as you rise.

  5. As you get up on your goes, push your right foot straight {right} toward the opponent.

  6. Keep your head and back straight.

  7. Rise up only slightly, with your left knee close to the floor and the left leg straight. Be sure to keep low on the cut.

  8. Cut almost horizontally to the opponent’s outside right forearm or inside left forearm. Be sure the draw and cut are to the opponent and not in a big circle.

  9. As you cut, move your hips left and your chest 45° left of front. Your left leg and the sword should be in a straight line.

  10. Bring your hara and left hip/leg forward as you furikaburi. Keep your body low.

  11. Your left foot comes up to but not in front of your right.

  12. Step forward with your right foot and kirioroshi: foot and sword together.

  13. Perform o chuburui, move your right foot back, noto but remain standing.

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