Tsuke komi
  1. As you bring your right foot straight forward and begin to get up, slightly draw your sword. Be sure that the sword is level.

  2. Rise up, bring your right foot back to your left, on your toes, and bring the sword up overhead. Be careful not to bring the sword back behind your head.

  3. Take a short, quick step forward with your right foot and quickly cut to the opponent’s head. Cut down and not out. Remember that the head is the target and the maai is quite close.

  4. Use seme as you push the opponent back. Take your time; do not go too fast.

  5. Take a long step with your right foot and have the left foot follow and stop close to the right. Remain up on your toes as much as possible.

  6. As you make the second cut, both knees bend deeply and move outward slightly.

  7. The second cut can take more time and is further out from the body, with the tsuka finishing up quite far from the body with the sword level or slightly up from level.

  8. Bring the sword slowly overhead to jodan no kamae as you move your right leg back.

  9. Lower the sword to level or just above level height as you sink down on your right knee.

  10. Slide your left hand along the tsuka to just below the tsuba.

  11. Use your right hand to turn the sword on the open left hand.

  12. Pull up evenly and firmly with the right hand so that the sword slides along the palm between thumb and forefinger and the right elbow makes a 90* angle with your torso, level with the ground.

  13. At the same time as you do this chiburui, move your hara forward to give a strong feeling of seme. Be sure to keep your back and head straight.

  14. From this position you can:

    • rest the sword at this angle on the outside of your left knee, hold the koiguchi, and then noto, OR

    • hold the koiguchi and bring the sword directly there for a noto.

  15. Rise up and forward by pushing your right leg/hip forward and pulling with your left leg.

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