Nuki uchi
  1. Sit in seiza.

  2. Begin to draw at the angle the sword is resting at: approximately 45°.

  3. Slide your knees together as you begin to draw.

  4. Come up on your toes, bring the sword up as in a block and then furikaburi behind your head.

  5. At the same time as furikaburi, arch your upper body slightly backward.

  6. Kirioroshi as you push forward from your toes.

  7. As you cut, your knees go forward and outward; keep your knees together until the actual cut. Do not bounce.

  8. Perform yoko chiburui and then a sideways noto.

  9. As you noto, keep your body posture.

  10. At the finish, settle back to seiza position, then move your knees closer together.

  11. As with all the kata, practice this slowly until the kihon are correct.

*The slide forward on Nukiuchi, Makko, and Itomagoi are done by holding the sword, leaning back, push/sliding the hara and knees forward, then cutting. The knees should go forward, then outward. Use the power in your hips and hara. Do not bounce or jump!

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