1. This kata should be done with a slow and sober feeling.

  2. Begin drawing by bringing your knees slightly together as you hold the sword.

  3. Slightly draw your sword level to the ground as you move your right foot forward.

  4. Hold the position, then continuing drawing as you stand up and move your right leg back, behind your body.

  5. The sword should now be in naname behind your right shoulder, and relaxed in your right hand and your left should be at the top of the saya at your left hip. Your knees should be relaxed and flexed.

  6. Hold this position.

  7. Bring your right hand and the sword directly up and over the right side of your head.

  8. Move your right leg forward into a deep stance and cut, bringing your left hand to the tsuka only at the very end of the cut. Keep your back straight and be sure that you do not lean your body forward. It is very important the cut is with the weight of the sword only…it is not a strong cut! The angle of the blade is almost up and down and definitely not sideways!

  9. Turn your body straight and turn the sword straight as you draw it slightly back.

  10. Do a chiburui and noto similar to Ukenagashi but more slowly. Keep your hands flexible.

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