Yuki zure
  1. This is similar to Tozume.

  2. There are two opponents, each at 45*, right and left.

  3. Face shyomen.

  4. Begin walking forward, right foot first.

  5. As the left foot steps forward, grab the saya with the left hand.

  6. Draw and nukiuchi to the right about 45*. This is like the cut in Tozume; a cut to the neck and shoulder (naname). Draw from the front to the side.

  7. At the same time, push the right knee toward the right opponent and lean slightly into them: foot and knee are angled toward the opponent. Bend the right wrist down but not too much.

  8. Ukenagashi: use the right hand, while keeping the kensen in place. Scoop the right hand in and forward, being sure to keep it flexible as you ukenagashi.

  9. Move your right foot forward and to the left opponent. At the same time, bring your koshi down. The right foot lands slightly ahead of the overhead kirioroshi. Only use very little okuri ashi.

  10. Yoko chiburui. For all tachi waza, push the hara slightly forward and open on yoko chiburui. Do not do this too fast. Hold slightly, the noto.

  11. Noto: same as I Waza; quickly into the saya and stop with several centimeters of the sword blade still exposed. Slowly finish noto.

  12. Walk back to starting position while keeping aware of all around you.

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