Uke nagashi
  1. This is to be done with maximum flexibility.

  2. Face shyomen.

  3. Walk forward, right, left, right.

  4. On the 3rd step, grab the tsuka with your right hand.

  5. Cross the left foot in front of the right foot and draw the sword almost directly upward, with the tsuka up.

  6. Ukenagashi block.

  7. The right foot goes around in a large circle (as in Seiza no Bu Ukenagashi).

  8. The right foot goes close to the side of the left foot as you cut.

  9. Cut far out and down with the right hand.

  10. The knees are bent.

  11. The left hand holds the tsuka only at the very end of the cut. The kensen should be down and the body lowered.

  12. Pause.

  13. Bring the left foot back.

  14. Yoko chiburui: use the hara and keep flexible and light. This should be wide; open your body.

  15. Noto.

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