Soma kuri (goho giri)
  1. Usually this is considered as having several opponents coming at you in a straight line. Alternately, you may think of a single opponent eluding your attacks.

  2. Face shyomen.

  3. Begin walking forward: right, left, right (1, 2, 3).

  4. On the third step, draw the sword out and make an upward block as in Tsuke Komi. At the same time, withdraw your right foot to be near your left foot.

  5. Cut to the left side of the opponent’s head (temple) as you move your right foot forward. There is some okuri ashi with the left foot for all of these cuts. This is a fast cut.

  6. Bring the sword back, directly over the top of the head to jodan (not behind the head).

  7. Move the right foot forward and cut the opponent’s right side neck/shoulder area. Use slight okuri ashi on this cut.

  8. Bring the sword back to jodan.

  9. Move the right foot slightly forward and cut the opponent’s right rib/chest area.

  10. Move the sword in a circle around your head and the right side of your body and hold it horizontal to the ground. There is a slight pause. *Alternately: Flip the sword to your left side and hold it horizontal to the ground.

  11. Cut the opponent’s waist in a circular cut all the way through. Position the sword, keep it low and horizontal, and cut strongly. Stop the sword at migimae.

  12. Furikaburi, by bringing the sword around your head, step forward with the right foot and kirioroshi.

  13. For each of the cuts, the right foot is planted ahead of the cut, each step is slightly longer (wider), and you continually sink your hips.

  14. Yoko chiburui.

  15. Noto.