1. Three opponents are sitting in a row.

  2. Face shyomen.

  3. Step forward right, left, right.

  4. On the third step, draw the sword straight out and cut horizontal to the ground with the cutting edge of the sword at a slightly downward angle and the kensen down. Cut to just outside your right knee. Keep the arm straight during the cut. The knees must be bent. The target is the back of someone’s neck as they sit in seiza. It is important to keep low and strongly saya biki to turn your upper body away from the opponent. Your chest is about 45° hidarimae. Keep the back straight and the chest open.

  5. Bring your left foot forward and slightly in front of the right foot and bent inward, being sure your chest is facing shyomen, then noto.

  6. Noto quickly, stop the sword, then move the right foot forward, draw the sword and perform the same cutting action for the second opponent.

  7. Perform the same actions for the third opponent.

  8. Yoko chiburui with a strong wide hip action: use only your hips to chiburui. This is a movement that is to be done in an “easy” manner.

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