Sode suri gaeshi
  1. This kata has a series of opponents. The movements forward should be like an ocean wave, moving continuously, without stopping. Practice this slowly.

  2. Face shyomen.

  3. Walk forward: right, left, right, left.

  4. On the last step, bring the left foot close to the right foot.

  5. Go up on your toes and look forward (above the heads of people in front of you). Hold the tsuka with your right hand as you do this.

  6. Lower your body, move your right foot forward and draw the sword.

  7. Draw the right foot back, cross your arms in front of your chest with the sword’s cutting edge up, at the left shoulder, and the sword level and the left fist under the right armpit.

  8. Go up on your toes.

  9. Go forward with your right foot, cross your wrists/fists in the center (be sure that the sword cutting edge up) and push strongly forward and down.

  10. Bring your left foot almost up to the right foot and open your arms widely (to push the people in front out of the way). Use your stretched arms to push. Pull your hara forward. Keep the edge and kensen up the entire time.

  11. Bring the sword around and over your head and move your right foot forward.

  12. Kirioroshi.

  13. Yoko chiburui.

  14. Noto.

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