Shino bu (yo dachi)
  1. This situation occurs on a dark road at night.

  2. You walk forward, right, left, right (1, 2, 3).

  3. On the third step, grab the tsuka and lower your body.

  4. Pause and look forward carefully.

  5. Move the left foot left and a little forward.

  6. Draw the sword half-way out of the saya.

  7. Pause and look carefully.

  8. Move the right foot in front of the left foot and bend low. At the same time, draw the sword fully out of the saya and keep the cutting edge facing directly forward and you lower the sword. Keep the sword as you nuki. Keep your chest open to the front.

  9. Pause and look carefully.

  10. Lower the sword and gently tap the kissaki on the ground. This is done to the side and slightly forward of your body.

  11. Wait.

  12. As the opponent steps forward, move your left foot forward at a 45* angle to shyomen. Then move the right foot in the same angle and strongly kirioroshi.

  13. Yoko chiburui.

  14. Noto.

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