1. The cuts are done as you walk through a low gateway.

  2. Two opponents: one directly front and one back.

  3. Face shyomen.

  4. Walk forward, right, left, right (1, 2, 3).

  5. When the right foot is forward (3rd step), begin drawing the sword with the tsuka forward.

  6. Step forward with the left foot as you continuing drawing and position the sword as in Taki Otoshi.

  7. When the right foot goes forward again (5th step), thrust the suigetsu of the front opponent. Pull the sword straight out from shyomen.

  8. Pivot to the rear and ukenagashi.

  9. Kamae shortly.

  10. Move the right foot forward and kirioroshi with the hands close together on the tsuka. This is a hiki nuki (pulling cut/hiki kiru). Keep the sword low. Bring your body down on the cuts.

  11. Pivot back to shyomen.

  12. Hiki nuki (hiki kiru).

  13. Yoko chiburui.

  14. Noto.

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