To zume
  1. Face shyomen and sit in tatehiza.

  2. Begin to draw the sword and come up ready to cut. The cut is from the front and then to naname.

  3. The right foot/leg moves diagonally right and forward and you nukitsuke naname. Draw and cut in a wide arc, moving the right knee toward the opponent. The cut is naname; across the opponent’s chest from their right shoulder. The tsuba should be just above the right knee and slightly to the outside. Your right fist should be a little in front and to the side of your knee. Your chest should face diagonally left toward the second opponent.

  4. Lift the right hand and sword and bring them forward and slightly up, letting the kissaki drop in an ukenagashi movement. Move the right foot/leg toward the second opponent {left and forward} and kirioroshi.

  5. A jobb láb induljon el a második ellenfél felé (balra és előre) majd kirioroshi.

  6. Yoko chiburui.

  7. Noto.

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