Tana shita
  1. Face shyomen and sit in tatehiza. During this kata, be sure to keep looking at the opponent. Keep your body flexible until you cut.

  2. Rise up slightly on your left toes and have your back bent forward. Do not begin to draw yet. Wait and look.

  3. Stretch your right leg/foot straight forward on its heel.

  4. Roll/slide your body forward, keeping low, and begin to draw the sword.

  5. Bring the left knee to the right foot and hold the sword in your right hand at your left elbow.

  6. Bring the left hand up to the tsuka. Wait and look.

  7. Bring the sword straight up over your head, keeping low. The left hand should be snugged firmly against the right hand on the tsuka. Wait and look.

  8. Move the right foot/leg forward and, at the same time, kirioroshi. This cut should be a small circle and the sword must not come up too high over your head. This is a hikigiri cut.

  9. Yoko chiburui.

  10. Noto.

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