1. Face shyomen and sit in tatehiza.

  2. Begin to draw the sword as you rise.

  3. Step directly forward with the right leg and make a large circular nukitsuke left to right at chest level. Be careful not to lean forward on these cuts! When the sword has passed through your opponent, reverse the direction of the sword and keep the arm moving further right until it is wide. Keep your hand relaxed until it cuts.

  4. Then cut right to left at chest level as you slide your left knee forward. Before this second cut, bring the body up and back. For this second cut, when the sword reaches left of center of the opponent, it is pulled in toward your body/shoulder {hikigiri}. This should be done in a continuous manner as if this were a single cut with no stopping places. For both of these cuts, keep erect; be sure not to bend over or forward. Do these cuts slowly and clearly!

  5. The feeling for both of these cuts is to keep continuously moving forward.

  6. The right hand turns upward as it holds the sword. The left grabs the tsuka as it is left of center.

  7. Step forward with the right leg as you kirioroshi. The last cut for this and all of the following forms must be done strongly.

  8. Yoko chiburui should be done as if ripping something apart. Open the chest.

  9. Noto is done the same as in Tatehiza no bu except that after the sword enters the koiguchi, it is quickly slid in until just before the habaki {10-15cm.}.

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