Tora no issoku
  1. Face shyomen and sit in tatehiza.

  2. As you begin to rise up, begin drawing the sword straight out.

  3. Keep the tsuka level as you rise and continue drawing.

  4. Step back with the left foot and at the same time, take the sword out until just before the kissaki, pause momentarily. The timing here is 1…2…

  5. As you complete your step back, move the sword down and out to the right to ward off an attack to the lower leg. The sword should stop just outside the right leg and should be pointing downward with the wrist sharply bent. The sword should be angled at naname with the hand further right than the kensen. Keep your back straight and bend your right knee toward your opponent. {as in Yaegaki}

  6. To properly block, twist your hips left so that your chest is facing left naname. This is in coordination with a sharp saya biki movement with the left hand.

  7. Immediately move the left knee down. to the right foot and toward the opponent and move your chest to the opponent as you bring the sword around left by your ear. Be sure to push your head under your sword as you go forward. This is the same movement as in Yaegaki but faster.

  8. Take a big step forward with the right foot and kirioroshi.

  9. Yoko chiburui.

  10. Noto.

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