Taki otoshi
  1. Face shyomen then turn 180° to the right and sit in tatehiza.

  2. As the opponent grabs your saya from behind, hold the tsuka firmly with the left hand and stand up, shifting your body left and back with the left leg leading the way. This must be a strong move. This is a feeling of pushing the hara and the hips back.

  3. At the same time, strongly push the tsuka down with the left hand. The right hand rests firmly on the top of the right thigh.

  4. Look behind you, over your left shoulder, at the same time as you move backward.

  5. Quickly move the left foot/leg next to the right foot as you twist your hips. To do this well, you must shift your left hip forward and to the right side.

  6. At the same time, bring the tsuka in toward your body and hold it quickly with your right hand. Bring the tsuka up sharply in a circle and close to your chest. Then push it down to waist level and draw the sword away from the opponent and to your right side, using your pinkie finger. Keep the blade at waist level.

  7. Place the right foot so that it is behind the left and facing 45° migimae. Point the kissaki at the opponent. The kissaki should be just slightly above the left fist.

  8. Lift your left foot and stamp in down as you turn to directly face the opponent.

  9. Then lift your right foot and stamp it down to the right and back of the left foot, as you thrust strongly into the opponent’s suigetsu. The sword should be in the center of your body with the blade flat to the ground and the kensen slightly down. The tsuka should be supported by the right forearm.

  10. Draw the sword back toward your hara but keep it flat.

  11. Pause.

  12. Furikaburi then kirioroshi as you step forward with the right leg.

  13. Yoko chiburui.

  14. Noto.

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