1. Face shyomen then turn left 90° and sit in tatehiza.

  2. As the opponent grabs your tsuka, use both hands and sharply push the tsuka down to the left.

  3. Bring the tsuka up high in a circular motion and hit down on the opponent’s lower face, between the eyes/forehead. {tall people hit lower}

  4. Bring the sword up high.

  5. Draw the sword in an upwards direction. Be sure to saya biki.

  6. Cut nukitsuke being sure that the sword is in naname position and not up and down! Cut with the right hand going down. The middle of the sword should be in the middle-front of the right knee. This ensures that, if the opponent moves to their left, the sword will still be able to cut them. Cut across the chest.

  7. At the same time as you cut, the koshi rises then sinks down and the right knee sinks/pushes into the center of the opponent’s body and the left hip is back left. This stops the opponent from being able to draw their sword. Keep the right elbow stretched.

  8. Bring the left knee to the right foot as you bring the left hand to the middle of the sword. Be sure to bring your left hip and knee fully around.

  9. Push down strongly with the left hand and the right hand and tsuka come up to a level position.

  10. Move the right foot to the right side and push strongly right and down with the left hand and koshi { be sure that the left thumb pushes in the direction you want the opponent to go}. The right hand stays in the same position. This is a short push.

  11. Flip the sword up to naname {the same as in Ukigumo}.

  12. Move the left foot slightly left and straight back and continue as in Ukigumo.

  13. Yoko chiburui.

  14. Noto.

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