Iwa nami
  1. Face shyomen, turn right 90° and sit in tatehiza.

  2. Slowly pull the saya back and as you draw the sword, stretch your left foot/leg back. Keep your body low.

  3. When the sword is just a few centimeters inside the koiguchi, look left toward the opponent. fingers as you bring the left foot in to the right and turn your body to face shyomen.

  4. The tsuka should be raised up high in the right hand and the back of the left hand should rest against the outside of the right knee with the kissaki in the crotch of the thumb. Your body should be leaning forward.

  5. Stamp the right foot using either the heel or the whole foot. Keep the hand and the sword “attached” to the right leg.

  6. Lift up your body by lifting the right heel or both heels as you push the koshi up.

  7. As you move your right left forward, make a strong thrust with the kissaki slightly up into the opponent’s suigetsu or throat. The right hand ends up just behind the right knee and the left hand has slid down the sword to just below the center of the mune.

  8. Lift the right hand and tsuka to a level position. Then twist the sword and push left with the left hand. Do not stop at any point.

  9. Use the same movements as in Oroshi: move to the right and back and then kirioroshi.

  10. Ezután ugyanazt kell tenni mint Oroshiban, jobbra és hátra kell mozogni és aztán kirioroshi.

  11. Yoko chiburui.

  12. Noto.

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