Ina zuma
  1. Face shyomen and sit in tatehiza.

  2. Look up at your opponent.

  3. Begin to rise and to draw your sword. Be sure to keep the tsukagashira pointed at the opponent.

  4. Do not stand up but bring the left foot far back and to the left with the knee only a few inches off the ground as you nukitsuke. Keep your body low.

  5. The nukitsuke is at naname and is intended to cut either the opponent’s outside right forearm or their inside left wrist. The cut should stop just outside the opponent’s arm. The kensen should be above your head level. At the same time as you cut, the upper body should be facing left 45° although you must keep looking at the opponent. This cut and body movement should unbalance the opponent.

  6. Quickly bring the left knee to the right foot and cut kirioroshi. Furikaburi in this kata is to be done straight over the center of the head for speed.

  7. Yoko chiburui.

  8. Noto.

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