Ten no Uchi
  1. Kirite must be used for all cuts and Tsukite may be used for thrusts. Be sure that your hand is
    well positioned on the tsuka so that the palm of the right hand directly faces the opponent. When cutting, push the right thumb
    towards the opponent and stretch it around the tsuka. Te no uchi should be done with the hands flexible and relaxed.

  2. Nukitsuke no te no uchi is with the thumb and forefinger of the right hand lightly pushing the sword
    out and the pinkie finger relaxed at the side of the tsuka until the cut actually begins. Keep the hand flexible.
    The cutting edge remains upright until about half-way out of the saya. At that point, the little finger grips the tsuka.
    Correct nukitsuke te no uchi for the cut has the power going from the pinkie to the ring finger to the middle finger, leaving the
    thumb and forefinger relaxed on the actual cut. At the very end of the cut, the right wrist goes to kirite but be sure not to overextend the wrist.

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