Ten no Uchi
  1. The left foot steps forward, up to the right foot only, not beyond. The idea here is similar to that of Kendo footwork, to be in readiness to step forward with the right quickly. {This is for Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, usually Shinden Ryu people take a full step forward.}

  2. The right hand/wrist bends slightly inward and left, then the elbow bends, bringing the arm and sword left. Be sure that the right elbow does not sink down. The kensen is brought by the left ear and back, then up and overhead to cut. Be sure that the sword is only slightly above the top of your head in furikaburi. This is a large circular movement in preparation for the overhead cut. The tsuka is just slightly left of center as the left hand crosses over in front and slightly right of the centerline of the body to grasp the tsuka and bring it overhead. At the same time as the sword goes overhead, the cutting edge faces upward by bending the right wrist inward. The sword and cutting edge must come up straight in order to make a straight overhead cut. Do not stop as you perform kirioroshi.
  3. The hara keeps going forward {not the head}, into the kirioroshi. Do not go fast; rather build up pressure toward the opponent.

Note that the sword should, for beginners, come far back behind the head. This enables easier use of the hara.
As the practitioner’s level develops, the level of the sword in furikaburi should come to just below level position behind the head.

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