1. This should be a natural movement. Sink the body down and push the hara and the sword forward slightly for seme. Push the hara forward first, then the sword. Keep the palm of the hand slightly upwards at the side and the arm moves to about 45* to the right before coming around in a circular motion to the side of the head near the top. This is a relaxed movement. The right elbow stays in front of the body line and down only slightly. The fingers of the right hand come close to just above the right temple.

  2. In a circular motion, move the sword in front of the face and gently bring it around and down {not out}, until it stops in front of, or only slightly to the right of, the right foot. There is also jo ha kyu in this movement. There is sharpness only near the end of the chiburui movement.

  3. At the same time, the left foot comes up to the right foot, keeping both knees slightly flexed. The left hand should be at the side, with thumb over the top of the saya and slightly pressing against your obi, but not over the koiguchi. Move the right leg back from the hara. Keep your hips facing directly front with a slight right-inward twist to the right hip. Beginners should use a wide stance.

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