This is similar to Takiotoshi.

  1. Face shyomen.

  2. Walk forward right, left, then right (1, 2, 3). At 2, hold the sword. At 3, bend the right knee down.

  3. Stop, look slightly behind you left, and push the tsuka down strongly with the left hand. Sink your hips and legs down. Bring the left foot back as you do this. The right hand should be positioned strongly on the right thigh. The body should lean forward.

  4. Strongly bring the tsuka up {as in takiotoshi} and take a large step forward with the left foot (to be near the right).

  5. Bring the tsuka down using both hands.

  6. Withdraw the sword close to your body as you move the right foot forward. Turn and thrust (do not stamp your feet) to the suigetsu.

  7. Step forward with your right foot and kirioroshi.

  8. Block as in Hayanami. Be sure to keep your head up and your body down.

  9. Make a pivoting circular cut right to shyomen.

  10. Step forward and kirioroshi to shyomen. Be sure to plant your foot slightly ahead of the cuts. Keep your stances wide for stability.

  11. Yoko chiburui.

  12. Noto.

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