Similar to Shihogiri and Sodesuregaeshi.

  1. Face shyomen.

  2. This kata must be done in a very flexible manner.

  3. Begin walking toward shyomen right, left, right.

  4. Slide the right foot 45° right as you withdraw the sword. Keep the blade close to the body.

  5. Look diagonally behind you and thrust to the left rear.

  6. Turn back to the right diagonal and step right as you kirioroshi.

  7. Turn to the left (45° left of shyomen) and move your right foot to that opponent as you kirioroshi.

  8. Withdraw the right foot and face shyomen.

  9. Cut kirioroshi, then withdraw the right foot. (variation is to not do this 3rd cut).

  10. Come up on your toes (both feet now facing shyomen).

  11. At the same time, cross your arms in front of you with the sword in the right hand and blade up (as in Sodesuregaeshi). This is done more softly and smoothly than Sodesuregaeshi. Do not stop.

  12. Push/slide the right foot forward with a feeling of stretching the right leg.

  13. Push both arms sideways.

  14. Move the left foot to the right.

  15. Move the right foot forward and kirioroshi.

  16. Yoko chiburui.

  17. Noto.

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