The beginning of this kata is similar to Yukitsure.

  1. Face shyomen.

  2. Begin walking forward right, left, then right.

  3. The third step (right) is a short step.

  4. Begin to nukitsuke and take a step 45° right.

  5. Cut naname with your upper body facing the second opponent and leaning towards them.

  6. Ukenagashi.

  7. Move the right foot toward the left opponent (45° from shyomen) and kirioroshi.

  8. Make an upward block with the sword just over and in front of your head. There should be a strong feeling of seme toward shyomen. Keep the cutting edge up with the tsuba left of your head.

  9. Bring your left foot to your right and bring the body up slightly. Pivot on the right foot and circle to the right strongly using the hips.

  10. At the same time, lower the sword to a chest level position and cut in a large circle stopping directly opposite from shyomen. This is a cut across the chest and should be level with your shoulder. Keep your body at the same level during the turn. Do not use too much strength for this cut.

  11. Furikaburi.

  12. Step forward with the right foot and kirioroshi.

  13. Fumikaeru and turn 180* toward shyomen with a slight wakigamae.

  14. Move the right foot forward and kirioroshi.

  15. Yoko chiburui.

  16. Noto.

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